Top 12 Brisbane Cheap Eats Under $15

June 21, 2017

"If you’re after a hearty meal under the $15 mark, here’s where to start."

Here in Brisbane, we’re spoilt for choice when looking for a cheap meal that doesn’t compromise on flavour. If you’re after a hearty meal under the $15 mark, here’s where to start:

The Loaded Nachos at Fiery Deli

Fiery Deli brings all the flavour and heat of South American street food to the people of Queensland, and their loaded nachos can’t be missed. Choose out of the pulled beef, spiced chicken or either of their vegan options to get a packed plate with all the trimmings.


Pieces of Crispy Chicken at 4Fingers

This Singaporean restaurant knows their crispy chicken, and thank the heavens they’re bringing this wisdom to Brisbane. For a little under $15 you can grab 6 pieces of chicken, fries and a drink. Super affordable and super delicious.


The Beef Pho at PHO Vietnamese

If you’ve never eaten a hearty bowl of pho, PHO Vietnamese is the perfect spot to try it for the first time. With tender slices of beef, a flavoursome broth and tasty garnishes, this meal is a perfect winter warmer.


Hero Sushi

With its recent arrival at Westfield Chermside, Hero Sushi brings with it a selection of delicious bento boxes. Our favourite is the chicken karaage, but you can also grab salmon sashimi, prawn tempura or chicken katsu, served with rice, sushi, seaweed and salad. All of your favourite Japanese fare is packed into these easy lunch boxes.


A Superfood Bowl at Coco Bliss

All of the superfood bowls served at Coco Bliss are winners, but we reckon the best one is the apple and blackberry crumble bowl. It’s a fantastically filling acai bowl that comes with apple and blackberry compote, granola, almonds, fresh apple, banana and whipped vanilla coconut yogurt.


The Enchilada at Guzman Y Gomez

Given the rise of Guzman Y Gomez over the past few years, we’d be seriously surprised if you haven’t had one of their burritos yet. But, have you tried their enchilada? Pick any of their burritos and have it topped with fresh-chopped salsa, guacamole, sour cream and melted cheese for extra deliciousness.


The Rice Paper Rolls at Roll’d

The rice paper rolls at Roll’d go by the adorable name of soldiers, and you can get a little army of two, three or four of them (depending on how hungry you are) for under $15. Choose from tasty flavours like lemongrass beef, garlic prawn or BBQ chicken. Or, opt for one of their low carb options like tofu or poached chicken breast.


The Reuben at NYC Bagel Deli

This classic American sandwich is done best in bagel form by the crew at NYC Bagel Deli. Get your hands on one of these bagels filled with pastrami, swiss cheese, dill pickles, sauerkraut and Russian dressing for a punchy, ultra flavoursome meal.


The Soup of the Day at The Groove Train

The Groove Train serves up some great soup specials daily. For just $11.90, you can grab a big bowl of homemade soup served with crusty ciabatta bread. This cheap eat is comfort food at its very finest.


The Soft Shell Crab Pita at Zeus

A super light twist on a Greek classic, this Zeus pita is filled with crispy soft shell crab, Aegean slaw, preserved lemon mayo, caramelised onions, sweet chilli and coriander.


A Plate of Gyoza at Mr Gyoza

Coming soon to Westfield Chermside, Mr Gyoza are the experts in crafting this deliciously light Japanese dish. Grab a plate with your favourite filling and mix soy sauce with vinegar as a dressing.


The Cuban Pulled Pork at Bucking Bull

Latin inspired pulled pork is the hero of this roll, with grilled pineapple and chilli slaw for extra flavour. Bucking Bull are the experts in delivering succulent, mouth-watering meats through the art of slow cooking, and this pork roll is no exception.


For opening hours of the restaurants serving the Brisbane cheap eats mentioned above, click here.