Stay Cool Northside: 7 Iced Drinks to Beat the Heat

November 13, 2017

From wacky smoothie flavours to groundbreaking iced teas, these are the drinks that will get you through the Queensland Summer.

Brisbane has certainly been feeling the heat in the past few weeks, and it isn’t even Summer yet! To keep cool during a big day of Northside shopping, take a break with one of our favourite ice cold drinks.

An Iced Tea from PHO Vietnamese

Our favourite new Vietnamese joint PHO Vietnamese does its country of origin proud with some absolutely delicious iced tea. Choose from a range of authentic and flavoursome varieties, like fresh lemon or green tea. Enjoy your icy drink with a Bahn Mi or a couple of rice paper rolls for the perfect light lunch on a hot day.


A Frappuccino from Starbucks

It isn’t exactly new information that Starbucks’ frappuccinos are pretty delicious. But with so many new additions to Westfield Chermside lately, we thought a friendly reminder wouldn’t go astray that your original faves are still killing it. Insider tip: when it’s getting close to Christmas, they usually do a chocolate peppermint frappuccino that tastes like a candy cane in a cup. Super refreshing.


Anything from It’s Made in Heaven Tea Bar

Bubble tea is the holy grail of iced beverages. No questions asked. If you haven’t yet tried this pure delightfulness, get in the car, head to It’s Made in Heaven Tea Bar and order a ‘pearl milk tea’. If you’re feeling adventurous, opt for a taro bubble tea and marvel at it’s milky purpleness. We apologise in advance for the toll this new addiction will take on your wallet and waistline.


A Smoothie from Acai Brothers

Okay, time for something on the healthier side. The smoothie flavours at Acai Brothers are pretty insane – they sound so good we’re struggling to figure out how they could possibly be good for you too. Lemon meringue pie? Old school vanilla? Chai?? We salute Acai Brothers for their contribution of exciting new flavours to the Northside smoothie world.


A Juice from Fiery Deli

Fiery Deli are best known for their fresh and punchy Venezuelan flavours, and their juices are no exception. Our favourite is the virgin Pina Colada that has us feeling like we’re sitting on a beach in the tropics with our feet in the sand. Their freshly squeezed orange juice slushie is also a great way to stave off the heat.


A Milkshake from Betty’s Burgers

Is it cheat day yet? If so, keep reading. Betty’s Burgers have absolutely nailed the 50s style burger joint vibe – so it makes sense that their milkshakes are just as on point. Mixed with freshly made custard ice cream, you can’t go past the classic chocolate. For something more decadent, the chocolate peanut butter shake is also a winner. But approach this one with a hungry stomach, because it’s equally as filling as one of their famous burgers.


A Cocktail from Tapworks Bar & Grill

If it’s getting close to the end of the week and you’re needing something a little stronger, look no further than Tapworks Bar & Grill. They have an impressive range of icy cocktails and some very talented bartenders to shake them to perfection. Stop by on a Thursday to get a selected cocktail for only $12.