Extended Trade – The Chermside Coffees Perfect for Shopping Up a Storm

December 11, 2017

"For coffee aficionados, order a filter coffee at Archer to taste all of the complexities within their premium coffee blends. You won’t regret it!"

Over the past few months, Chermside has seen the arrival of enough amazing coffee spots to rival New Farm. So the question becomes, how in the world do you choose where to go during a packed day of shopping? Here are some starting points for places to go and Chermside coffees to choose for high energy levels all day long.


A Cappuccino from Ivy & Lark

Ivy & Lark is the new kid on the block at Westfield Chermside, and quickly becoming a crowd favourite. Step inside this café and you’ll be greeted with a calming atmosphere full of lush greenery – the perfect escape from the December shopping crowds. The coffee served at Ivy & Lark is made with full-bodied, single-origin blends from Five Senses, so a cappuccino is perfect for highlighting these rich flavours.


A Coffee Deal from Stellarossa

Up until the 31st of December, Stellarossa have some sweet coffee deals on offer. Stop by anytime to grab a large coffee and a muffin for $8 – a great option if you’re a little peckish. Or if you’re shopping on a Friday, grab a $5 frappe to cool down and muster up some more energy to power through that shopping list.


A Healthy Coffee from Coco Bliss

Wanting a healthier option to your standard coffee? Coco Bliss serve up an awesome range of ‘super lattes’. Choose from spiced matcha, turmeric, cacao beetroot or reishi chai for an antioxidant-rich, and not to mention delicious warm drink. They also make regular coffees with your pick of organic and non-dairy milks.


A Filter Coffee from Archer Specialty Coffee

Another brand new coffee destination for Brisbane North, Archer Specialty Coffee brings you the best specialty coffee blends in town. For coffee aficionados, order a filter coffee at Archer to taste all of the complexities within their premium coffee blends. You won’t regret it!

An Espresso from Le Bon Choix

Le Bon Choix is a gorgeous boulangerie and patisserie brought to Australia by one of the world’s best pastry chefs. And with a talented team of baristas, this is a great spot for a morning pick-me-up.  For a truly Parisian experience, order an espresso and a pastry, then grab a table on the outskirts of the café to sit and watch the world go by.


A Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks

Get into the festive spirit with a gingerbread latte from Starbucks – it honestly tastes like Christmas in a cup. They’re also doing a toffee nut crunch latte this season, great if you’re after something toasty and warm. And don’t forget the classic peppermint lattes and frappuccinos that taste like a hybrid between a coffee and a candy cane – ahhh the nostalgia.

See opening hours and locations of the Chermside coffee spots listed above.