Summer Bodies are Built In Winter - Groundbreaking Classes to Try at TotalFusion Gym

May 20, 2018

"TotalFusion describes this class as THE most effective way of building a mobile, lean and powerful body."

Warm up this Winter with any one of these inspiring fitness classes at TotalFusion.


Aerial Yoga

Hallelujah, we’ve finally found an exercise class worth getting excited about instead of spending the week dreading. Aerial yoga classes at TotalFusion involve following sequential movements taught to music, while you levitate in a yoga swing purpose-built for gentle movements. We promise you’ll walk out of this soothing class feeling very zen.


Barefoot Bootcamp

On the other end of the spectrum, TotalFusion also offers a number of high-intensity workouts like their barefoot bootcamp. Combining yoga, pilates, athletic drills and kettle bell exercises in a heated studio, this workout will have you sweating in no time. TotalFusion describes their barefoot bootcamp as THE most effective class to help you build a mobile, lean and powerful body. Sign us up!


TotalFusion gym Chermside


Perfect for anyone looking to combat stress, fatigue, or problems with over-eating, the meditation classes at TotalFusion will help you gain clarity. With a modern, relevant and upbeat take on ancient Vedic teachings, the TF team want to make meditation accessible to everyone, regardless of prior experience.


TotalFusion gym

Hot Power Yoga

Speaking of unwinding, why not try a hot yoga class? Described by TotalFusion as strong and sweat inducing, this dynamic class will leave you feeling rinsed and renewed. With a focus on deep breathing and synchronised movements, hot power yoga will help you build strength, stamina, balance, flexibility and self-awareness.


Battleropes and Bells

As the name suggests, this powerful workout uses battleropes and kettlebells to whip you into shape. Battleropes and bells is a military-inspired class that conditions and strengthens, leaving you ready for battle. Suitable for all age groups, this is a fast-paced, high-energy class for anyone who loves to push themselves.

TotalFusion is located at Westfield Chermside, above the outdoor dining precinct. For information about memberships, get in touch with the TotalFusion team or visit their website.