Make Those New Years Resolutions a Breeze with Coco Bliss - We Chat to the Founders About Their Mission

December 27, 2017

"Our Ferrero Bowl, Black Bowl and our Mango Weiss Twist are our biggest sellers at the moment"

To start the new year with a health-fuelled bang, we had a chat to Coco Bliss co-founder Candice Roat about delicious food, healthy eating and how Coco Bliss has combined the two so effortlessly.


So Candice, can you tell us why you started Coco Bliss?

We were obsessed with cold pressed juicing, acai bowls and making refined sugar-free treats. But there was nowhere to get these things in Brisbane at all. So you know what they say, create what you wish existed. 

And how is Coco Bliss different from other healthy foods?

At Coco Bliss, we focus on wholefoods – eating a good balance of all your macronutrient needs, including the good fats. We don’t believe in low fat or fat-free products, as this means they’ve been refined and will contain a lot of artificial ingredients, and often preservatives. We believe in eating pure, nutritious wholefoods to fuel your body. Fats aren’t the enemy, and neither are carbs.


What are your most popular menu items?

Definitely our Acai Bowls. We like to call ourselves the Acai Bowl Masters because we believe we’ve perfected the perfect bowls. Our Ferrero Bowl, Black Bowl and our Mango Weiss Twist are our biggest sellers at the moment.


What can we expect from Coco Bliss in 2018?

We would absolutely love love love to see Coco Bliss everywhere in 2018. We want to help change the perception of what fast food should be. Grab & go foods can be healthy and nutritious too. 

Any tips on staying healthy all year long?

Well, we are all about balance and nourishing your body, not about restriction. I think when you eat such delicious food that also happens to be good for your insides, it makes things much easier. Depriving your body of fats and carbs will only bring on the cravings, and dieting only messes with your metabolism.

Stay realistic and eat all of your macronutrients year-round; protein, fats (good fats) & carbs. Plus those other important ones like your fibres and minerals. I’d also recommend starting your mornings with a warm drink to get your digestive system moving nice and gently. I love a hot water with either a herbal tea bag or a 1/4 of a lemon squeezed into it. 


And most importantly, where can we find Coco Bliss at Westfield Chermside?

You can find Coco Bliss Chermside in the brand new outdoor dining precinct at Westfield Chermside. Head to level 2 and you’ll see Coco Bliss under the Urchin.

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