The Ultimate Sweet Tooth’s Guide to Chermside Dessert

November 21, 2017

Having to choose between Nutella doughnut thick shakes, smores waffles and toblerone cocktails? It’s a sweet tooth’s worst (and best) nightmare!

Holiday season is almost upon us, which means healthy diets go out the window in place of a little festive indulgence. If like us, sweet treats hold a special place in your heart, you’ll want to find out which Chermside desserts you can get your hands on at your next visit to Westfield.

American Pie

The folks that bring you the most American burgers in town are now turning their attention to the USA’s signature dessert – pies! Bootlegger has got everyone’s favourites down pat, from the apple pie, pecan pie and key lime pie. Feeling like taking your Chermside dessert order to the next level? They’ve also got a neat selection of cakes, like the hummingbird and gluten free jaffa cake.


Fancy a Movie with Your Dessert?

Saturday night? Date night? Family night? Why not combine dessert with a movie in EVENT Cinema’s Gold Class cinema. Here you’ll be presented with a menu of desserts that has so much selection you might just need to get one of everything. Having to choose between Nutella doughnut thick shakes, smores waffles and toblerone cocktails? It’s a sweet tooth’s worst (and best) nightmare! Good luck!


Gelato Like the Italians Do

We couldn’t possibly write up a list of our favourite Chermside dessert options without mentioning Gelatissimo. You’ll feel like you’ve hopped on a flight directly to Rome when you see the way their gelato artisans sculpt and twirl ripples of mouth-watering gelato into a waffle cone. This stuff is as fresh as ice cream gets, and it certainly shows!


Cupcakes Galore

We dare you to walk past The Cupcake Patisserie and not walk away empty handed. If you succeed, you certainly have more willpower than any of us because these cupcakes are just as delicious as they look. As for recommended flavours, you can’t go past the rocky road, salted caramel, apple crumble or strawberry jam cupcakes.


Authentic Greek Treats

Do the words loukoumades and bougatsa look more like gobbledygook than a dessert to gobble down? If so, listen up! Zeus serves up these classic Greek desserts with as much character and pizazz as the family in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Loukoumades are Greek doughnuts topped with honey, cinnamon, walnuts or chocolate while bougatsa is a filo pastry filled with creamy vanilla bean custard. Salivating yet?


Matcha Made in Heaven

Excuse the cheesy title of this section, but if you like desserts, you’ll fall in love with the matcha soft serve from Motto Motto. It’s a sophisticated take on the most basic of desserts, and it just works. So well, in fact, that we wrote a whole article about it’s creamy matcha goodness.


Savour Patisserie

Fresh Twist on a French Classic

Speaking of articles we’ve written about fabulous Chermside dessert options, did you see the one about Savour? Savour is reinventing your French favourites like éclairs and macaroons in a way that appeals to the ever-changing tastes of Australian dessert lovers. Top secret info: they’re currently working on a range of éclair sundaes just in time for summer. Stay tuned!