October 19, 2017

Westfield Chermside’s newest café, Ivy & Lark, opened on Friday 13 October and is creating quite a stir. Chermside regulars have been flocking to this unique space and embracing all it has to offer. Judging by the reviews on Facebook and Instagram, they’re not shy about spreading the word!

So, what makes Ivy and Lark so special?

Let’s start with the interior

northeats ivy and lark cafe interior brisbane northside

How would we describe it? Well, when you walk in the open, light entrance on level 2 right near Myer, you’ll instantly feel like you’ve found a fresh oasis. There’s lush, trailing greenery simply everywhere – spilling out of hanging baskets, or growing in stylish pot plants and interior garden beds. The white French doors, ornate patterned tiles, and gorgeous woven lampshades that dot the ceiling, all combine to create a vibe that’s as refreshing as it is unique. The décor is so comfortable and welcoming, you’ll be quite happy to take a well-earned shopping break, and sit back and unwind.

Now, onto the all-important coffee

Ivy and Lark exclusively uses Five Senses Coffee – a beautifully crafted, Australian-made brand that’s showcased in some of Australia’s most renowned cafes. Ivy and Lark’s inspired choice of beans, and their expertly trained baristas have already impressed the Chermside crowd. Some have described their coffee as on par with Melbourne’s best!

And what about the food?

Whether you’re after breakfast, lunch, dinner or a morning or afternoon tea, you’ll find a great selection of freshly made, modern café-style food options, like croissants, pastries, and light bites. If you’re feeling really indulgent, try the Ivy and Lark Brownie Sundae. It’s so good, you just might find yourself ordering a second one. Yum!

When to check it out

Ivy & Lark is open every day from 9.00am until 5.00pm. It’s also open until late on Thursdays – perfect for a little caffeine powered late-night shopping, or a pre-movie bite to eat.

Ivy & Lark Cafe North Eats westfield chermside brisbane