We Chat to Bootlegger About Bringing an American-Style Smokehouse to Brisbane

April 18, 2018

Bootlegger is bringing us 200kg of smoked brisket every. single. week.

Craving some hearty American-style food? Bootlegger is the bold new restaurant smoking the bejesus out of premium meats and serving up them with classic American sides. We chat to the manager of Bootlegger about all the juicy reasons to make this smokehouse your next foodie night out.

Can you tell us a bit about Bootlegger? How it started?

Owner Tom Chidiac of the Lioncrest Group in Sydney was the brains behind the vision of Bootlegger. Having travelled extensively and eaten all over the world, he became obsessed with the idea of a smokehouse doing their own smoked meats. It took 4 years for the dream to materialise. This is also one of his first forays into the Brisbane dining scene.

A lot of research and planning went into the venue and menu to reflect the dining scene in the United States. It was during this time that he decided to collaborate with Beech Ovens, a leader in the industry, to customise a $100,000 smoker big enough to handle the quantities we smoke for our customers.


Bootlegger Smokehouse

What are the most popular dishes on the menu at the moment?

Our most popular dish on the menu is brisket and we smoke a lot of it. Around the 200kg mark per week to be exact.


Bootlegger restaurant

How about the most adventurous items on the menu?

The most adventurous item on the menu is our NO F*&^&! Way Sauce. A lot of people have challenged the sauce and only one has managed to survive it. We use a blend of Trinidad Scorpions, Bhut Jolokia and plenty of obscenely spicy chillies to make the sauce. It is so potent that we wear gloves while making it, and when we finish off with the oil in the kitchen, our chefs start coughing from the fumes!


And what about the beer served at Bootlegger? Any favourites?

We are big fans of Kaiju Krush from South East Brewing and obviously all of Burleigh Brewing Company beers. Those lads make really great artisanal beers and since we have 16 taps of beer on offer, we tend to rotate our beers every two months or so to showcase seasonal flavours.

Bootlegger is located at the far end of Westfield Chermside’s new outdoor dining precinct. You can check out their menu here. For locations and opening hours of our restaurants and cafes, head to the dining guide.